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A utopia of Black women healing together through sacred self-care rituals, open-hearted community and luxurious ease.




operation: inner peace

Walking through life on auto-pilot is like walking through life half-asleep. Day by day, we're faced with struggle after struggle, constantly reacting to each passing moment. Then, one day, we look up and weeks, months, years and decades have passed without our knowledge or consent.

The Mindful Military is here to wake us up to the beauty of life happening around us, while simultaneously encouraging us to seize it and make it our best life yet!

The time is now to tap into every gift, nuance, and molecule of power we have in order to claim what's rightfully ours.

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This Is Your Reminder To Breathe

Your breath is your anchor. Train yourself to come back to it whenever you need.

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Take a piece of peace with you and awaken to each beautiful moment of life with our Mantra Challenge Coins.

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